124 TAW Prom list

by kvc 7/10/2008 2:00:00 AM



don't forget you can access the prom list at:  http://124taw.hallot.net






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124TAW reunion preparation takes off ...

by lg 7/8/2008 9:23:00 AM

Bonjour à tous, goeiedag allemaal,

This weekend I accidentally bumped into Kris Vancappellen, which prompted us to try and restart the preparations of the promised 124 TAW reunion.

So I contacted our good friend Fred Hallot, who immediately started work on updating this website he set up with Kris (major thanks for kindly hosting this site and putting a lot of hours into creating and maintaining it!).

Filip Carrein also graciously volunteered to help organizing an event somewhere in the second half of the year. After some digging into the schedule of the KMS/ERM, it appears that the 5th of december is our best bet. So here you find the kick-off mail he sent for this event to the KMS/ERM:

  (Sorry for the Dutch, but I haven't got time to translate it. As for the other language barrier, if a lot of you really have difficulty with written English, I'll do my best to make my texts bilingual) .

.. De organisatie van een bijeenkomst van de promotie in de KMS.

Deze zou doorgaan op vrijdag 05 december 08. Het voorlopige programma zou er als volgt uitzien:

1000 Hr – aankomst in de cafetaria

1030-1230 – rondleiding in de school

1230 Hr – aperitief in de cafetaria [GEEN bediening in de cafetaria]

1315 Hr – eenvoudige maaltijd (voorgerecht – biefstuk/friet – dessert) [GEEN bediening aan tafel] ...

1430 Hr – afsluiten in de cafetaria (tot ± 1600 Hr)

So please clear your calendars on this date.

Somewhere around October the complete renovation of the KMS/ERM (that took several years) should be finished. You'll be genuinely surprised at the accomodations the new "infects" have at their disposal now :)

We're still looking for volunteers to help ease the organisational burden, so please contact me or one of the others mentioned if you wish to contribute in one way or another (yes we do have day jobs, and no we are not always at our desks).

And don't forget that our mailing list still isn't complete. If you know anyone not mentioned on the "other" 124TAW site with all our names and contact details on it, please ask them to fill out the form or do it for them if they experience technical problems.

I'll give an update on the log-in procedure for this other site next time when the contents have been cleaned up.

Finally, if you have any other suggestions or contributions for this site, please let us know (mail me at luc.goris@mil.be or contact one of the others). In the meanwhile, hope to see you all again in December !

                         Luc Goris

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The Prom picture

by kvc 2/20/2008 7:45:00 AM

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124 TAW Blog

by fhallot 2/4/2008 11:43:00 AM

Hello everybody !

Welcome on the 124 TAW Blog.

This blog has been created in order to open a dialog space for all former members of the Promotion.

It has been initiated for helping to organize a huge Prom meeting to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the end of our studies in the RMA. 

If you want to participate to the feeding of this blog (adding new notes), just ask me (mailto:frederic.hallot@rma.ac.be) for a login.

Everybody can post his reactions to every note without having to log in.


Fred Hallot

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